Fritz Help Videos

The newest version of Fritz has the same menu system as Fritz 12, with only minor differences, and so these videos will instruct you in these versions of Fritz. For many years Fritz has been one of the most popular and strongest-playing commercial chess programs. Fritz users tend to be interested in squeezing every last bit of chess playing ability out of the software, which explains why we at ChessCentral have put together these help videos.
Here are the Fritz 12 help videos by Nick Murphy to get you started with Fritz 13 and all the other Fritz Family engines by ChessBase:

Installing Fritz 12 - Part 1 
Installing Fritz 12 - Part 2 
Activate Fritz 12 
Update Fritz 12 
The new interface 
Classify openings 
Full analysis 
Database window 
Save and load games 
Delete games 
Copy games 
Create a new database 
Enter moves into a database 
Opening training 
Attack - Defence 
Explain all moves 
Threatened squares 
Media disks 
ChessBase Magazine 
Create a new account 
Playchess Intro 
Playchess games 
Playchess kibitzing 
Playchess ranks 
Premium content 
Playchess engine room 
Installing the Fritz Powerbook 
Change main engine 
Program version
New chess videos about the the world of chess playing programs will be linked as available. Be sure to see details about the latest version of the ChessBase Fritz program.