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  • Practical Endgame Play - Beyond the Basics

Practical Endgame Play - Beyond the Basics

Brand: Everyman

Practical Endgame Play - Beyond the Basics

Here is yourdefinitive guide to all the endgames that really matter. This huge book (544 pages!) covers everything a good chess player needs to know about the endgame phase - but not in dull encyclopedic style! Clear explanations and simple, effective commentary are the rule inPractical Endgame Play.
The material found here includes the most common endgames you will encounter, and examines the material balances/imbalances most frequentlyreached in actual play. Over 500 pages of Grandmaster advice and analysis, assisted by the latest computer software!

Forget the books that just recycle established theory. Forget the books that concentrate on fantastical studies. InPractical Endgame Play, Grandmaster and endgame expert Glenn Flear has created an in-depth book of all endgames that feature either two pieces for each side, or two pieces against one - a critical area of the game that has never been comprehensively covered in one volume.

The endgames covered in Practical Endgame Play arise incredibly frequently. Your results will improve directly as a result of mastering the material in this book.

Author: Glenn Flear
Title: Grandmaster
Published: 2007
Pages: 544
Annotation: FAN

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