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  • The Ruy Lopez Defense: Move by Move - Chess Opening E-book Download

The Ruy Lopez Defense: Move by Move - Chess Opening E-book Download

Brand: Everyman

 The Ruy Lopez: Move by Move

This new series of chess opening e-books provides an ideal platform to study the opening in chess. By continually challenging the reader to answer probing questions throughout the book, the Move by Move format greatly encourages the learning and practicing of vital skills along with the traditional assimilation of opening knowledge. Carefully selected questions and answers are designed to keep you actively involved and allow you to monitor your progress as you learn. This is an excellent way to study any chess opening and at the same time improve your general chess skills and knowledge.

In this chess e-book Grandmaster Neil McDonald studies one of the most important chess openings of all, the Ruy Lopez. This famous opening enjoys a long and distinguished history and is still widely regarded as White's strongest choice after 1.e4 e5. McDonald shares his experience and knowledge of the Lopez, examines the main ideas for both sides and offers answers to the key questions.

    * Essential guidance and training in the Ruy Lopez
    * Important ideas absorbed by continued practice
    * Covers both mainline and d3 repertoire options for White

You will need a ChessBase Reader. Download the free ChessBase Reader here
System requirements: Minimum: Pentium 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, Windows Vista or Windows XP (Service Pack 2)
System Requirements::
Windows 8 & 7, Windows Vista, XP (Service Pack 3) to run ChessBase 6.0 +, Fritz 5+, Junior 7+, Shredder 7+, Hiaracs 7+, or the FREE software ChessBase Reader

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