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  • DGT North American Chess and Game Clock and Common Sense in Chess Download
  • DGT North American Chess and Game Clock and Common Sense in Chess Download
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DGT North American Chess and Game Clock and Common Sense in Chess Download

Brand: ChessCentral

DGT North American Clock

The exciting new DGT North American is the complete answer for your game-timing. Whether you're playing in a tournament at sudden death or multiple time controls, or playing speed chess with buddies, DGT North American gives you the best set of features we've ever seen in a clock. It's light to carry, but extremely durable and tough. And its positive-feel, high-visibility buttons let you know for certain you've stopped your time, and show you when it's your move even when you're away from your board.

The display is the clearest we've seen no squinting required. A quick glance shows you your time and lets you turn your concentration quickly back to the game. Sixteen contrast settings make its display visible, whether indoors or at the park. Elegant design satisfies the most demanding chess player. And it's easy to use. The brand-new DGT North American clock's up-to-date technology utilizes 10 built-in algorithms to give a complete range of timing choices.* Even multi-period delay settings are a cinch! Quick-set options permit instant set-up. Manual programming options are fast and Get your North American Today!!

DGT North American Clock Features

  • Quick and easy to set and program!
  • 16 contrast settings adjust for any lighting
  • Choose quick-set options for the most popular controls
  • Set any control manually, fast!
  • Turn move counter on and off in any option
  • 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Set delay controls for 2 or even 3 time periods!
  • Super-easy to correct both time and move count
  • Sound-alert option warns of time trouble
  • Signal warns of a low battery

Clearly see remaining seconds in its big display!

Of course our new digital timer is a superb chess clock, but it also times any two-person board games like go, shogi, checkers, and Scrabble. All the bells and whistles, together with DGT's reputation for quality and accuracy! *Time options: time, time + sudden death, 2 X + sudden death, time + repeating time, bonus (Fischer) options, time + bonus, 2 X time + bonus, bonus single period, bonus tournament.

Requires two AA batteries, included.

Common Sense in Chess

A ChessCentral E-Book

Lasker's Common Sense in Chess has always been one of the standard works in chess literature, enjoying a place on the "short list" of required reading for over 100 years. Simply stated, the book records a series of lectures given by Emanuel Lasker, the 2nd World Chess Champion, before an audience of London players in early 1895. Yet Lasker's statement of his chess philosophy, his clear presentation of the principles of chess play, has elevated these lectures to a place far beyond the mere fulfillment of a speaking engagement. Here we have a classic and timeless guidebook that has benefited generations of chess players. Anyone who has learned the rules of chess will be amply repaid for his study of Lasker's Common Sense in Chess.

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