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  • Pro Chess Mentor, Vol. 1 &  2 DVD

Pro Chess Mentor, Vol. 1 & 2 DVD

Brand: Chess on DVD
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Pro Chess Mentor, Volume 1 & 2
GM Yasser Seirawan

Experts agree Pro Chess Mentor is the best DVD ever created for learning chess. Whether an Advanced Novice or Master you will improve your game after 1 viewing - GM Yasser Seirawan spent over 2 years creating a universal method of teaching, and nobody explains all the chess essentials better than Yasser.
If you ever find yourself sitting across from an a opponent and not knowing how to continue, the Pro Chess Mentor series solves that problem. Yasser will teach you how to create a plan and he presents this information in an easy to learn and logical way. You will eventually be able to look at a position and find your opponent's weakness and know how to exploit them.
Designed for all levels of players, from advanced novice to master!

Volume 1: 1 hour 56 mins
Study Segment 1:
• The Board & Its Properties
• Three Types of Positions
• The Four Elements of Chess
• Seven Basic Principles
• Elementary Check Mates
• Classical Opening
• Three Types of Pins
• Double Attack
• Battery
• Time Count
Study Segment 2:
• How To Find A Plan
• Weak Pawn Structures
• Zwischenzug: An in-between move
• Fianchetto the Bishop
• Balanced Pawn Structures
• Pawn Storms & Chains
• Dutch Stonewall & Pillsbury Attack
• Dynamic Pawn Structures
• Rooks belong on Open Files
• Protected & Connected Passed Pawns 
Volume 2: 1 hour 51 mins
Study Segment 3:
• Advanced Pawn Structures
• Windmill or Seesaw
• Screened Backward Pawn
• Pawn Triangle
• Clearance
• Pawn Majority
• Hanging Pawns
• Quiet Move
• Overworked Piece
• Master Pawn Structure
Study Segment 4:
• The Principles of Attack
• When Ahead in Force, Exchange Pieces
• Forcing a Pawn Weakness
• The Hedgehog Defense
• The Principles of Defense
• How To Get & Use Space
• Attack Pawn Weaknesses
• When Behind in Space
• Time Advantage
• Time Disadvantage
ProChess -1 1:56:11

"The amiable Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan introduces a staggering 3 hours and 46 minutes on DVD covering all elements of the 'Royal Game'. The ideal way to reinforce and improve your chess knowledge." USCF Chess Life Magazine, January 2003 Issue "IGM Yasser Seirawan does a fine job of explaining various moves and strategies that will help chess players master the game. Chess enthusiasts will find this an informative presentation, and will appreciate having a pro like Seirawan calmly explain the game's intricate nature." School Library Journal, January 2003 Issue "Simply the very best instructional chess product available on today's market." Dave Williams, Editor The Royal Game: Simple to learn yet tough to master, chess has been played for centuries. It teaches you to think logically, to plan ahead, and to accept the consequences of your actions. A gymnasium of the mind. As former US Champion & IGM Larry Evans (he makes a guest appearance) says, "Chess is food for the brain. It prepares you for life." Chess improves school work and grades. Many studies have proven that kids attain a higher reading level, math level and a greater learning ability as a result of playing chess. For all these reasons and more, chess playing kids do better at school and therefore have a better chance to succeed in life. Chess develops logical thinking, improves concentration, inspires self motivation and teaches independence. Yaz is a popular, articulate player and has a unique gift for making complex strategies easy to understand.

  • ProChess -1
    "The amiable Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan introduces a staggeri...
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