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  • Starting Out: Sicilian Grand Prix Attack - Chess Opening E-book Download

Starting Out: Sicilian Grand Prix Attack - Chess Opening E-book Download

Brand: Everyman

Starting Out: The Sicilian Grand Prix Attack (Download)

The Grand Prix Attack is one of White's most aggressive ways of fighting the Sicilian. It leads to a sharp, complex battle in which White often launches a direct attack against the Black King. The opening has become a powerful weapon in the cut and thrust of tournament chess, where victory is everything and draws are not enough. It has even gained the seal of approval from elite players such as Vishy Anand and Nigel Short, who have both used it with success.

In this book Gawain Jones, one of the world's leading experts on the Grand Prix Attack, provides everything you need to know about this opening. Using illustrative games and drawing upon his own wealth of experience, he introduces the key moves and ideas for both sides, taking care to explain the reasoning behind them - something that has often been neglected or taken for granted.

The Everyman Chess "Starting Out" series has firmly established itself as the leading guide to studying openings for up-and-coming players. These books are distinguished by their easy-to-read layout, the lucid explanations of the fundamentals, and the abundance of notes, tips and warnings to help the reader absorb vital ideas.

  • Covers all the main lines after 2.Nc3 and 3.f4
  • Includes bonus chapters on the fashionable 2.Nc3 Nc6 3.Bb5
  • Ideal for improvers, club players and tournament players
System Requirements::
Windows 8 & 7, Windows Vista, XP (Service Pack 3) to run the Reader which can be ChessBase 6.0 +, Fritz 5+, Junior 7+, Shredder 7+, Hiaracs 7+, or the FREE software ChessBase Reader

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