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  • Tactic Toolbox: Italian Game - Chess Tactics Training Download
by Mihail Marin

Tactic Toolbox: Italian Game - Chess Tactics Training Download

Brand: ChessBase Downloads

Tactic Toolbox: Italian Game (Download)
by Mihail Marin

The highly popular Italian game (traditionally known as Giuoco Piano, meaning the "quiet game" in Italian) is mainly a positional opening. This is even more obvious in the systems with d2-d3 (Giuoco Pianissimo, the "quietest game"), in which White refrains from an early fight for the center. With all the pieces and pawns on board, there are many latent tactical possibilities for both sides.

This video course is intended as a tactical guide for Black, featuring themes such as the tactical abilities of the c5-Bishop and the relatively restricted c6-Knight, the Kingside attack and the fight for the center. Since the structure is almost symmetrical, the author has also examined a few examples with mirrored ideas, such as the tactical abilities of White's light-squared Bishop. In doing so, his aim is to widen the viewer's understanding of certain ideas, but also to warn them about the potential tactical dangers. The author hopes that the spirit of the examples on this video course sweep away the common fear that chess will be extinguished by draws.

• Video running time: 5 hours 18 minutes (English)
• With interactive training including video feedback
• Extra: Database with further examples

Languages: English
Level: Advanced, Tournament player, Professional
System: Windows 10 or higher, Mac OS X (only download)
Streaming: for iPad & tablet
Delivery: Download
Published: Nov. 2022


The dark-squared Bishop
Exercise 01: Vaage-Moller
Exercise 02: Thomson-Morphy
Exercise 03: Kastner-Mahdy
Exercise 04: Gevorgyan-Batsiashvili
Exercise 05: Yankovsky-Matlakov
Exercise 06: Inkiov-Jovanic
Exercise 07: Gilg-Stoltz
Exercise 08: Reznikov-Aigner
Exercise 09: Heimrath-Zude
Exercise 10: Valks-Garrett
Exercise 11: Agopov-Sammalvuo
Exercise 12: Mestel-Greenfeld
Exercise 13: Moraes-Pereira
Exercise 14: Ivannikov-Jakovenko
Exercise 15: Ataullin-Guzairov
Exercise 16: Krasnov-Bakutin
The Queen's Knight
Exercise 01: Mak-Tan
Exercise 02: Gunsberg-Blackburne
Exercise 03: Wolski-Root
Exercise 04: Neiksans-Vajda
Exercise 05: Fornari-Rieke
Kingside piece attack
Exercise 01: Sean-Flores
Exercise 02: Solleveld-Berkvens
Exercise 03: Kurmann-Hajnal
Exercise 04: Lu-Peng
Exercise 05: Bacrot-Ding
Exercise 06: Kilthau-Bakiev
Exercise 07: Petrosian-Carlsen
Exercise 08: Anhalt-Luetke
Exercise 09: Tomazini-Cheparinov
Exercise 10: Nguyen-Ho
Exercise 11: Belikov-Podgaets
Exercise 12: Katona-Zupe
Exercise 13: Uddin-Hasan
Exercise 14: Tikranian-Harshini
Exercise 15: Kuijf-Campora
Exercise 16: So-Carlsen
Kingside pawn attack
Exercise 01: Washburn-Lasker
Exercise 02: Romanovsky-Levenfish
Exercise 03: Caruana-Nakamura
Exercise 04: Ypma-Haast
Exercise 05: Minor-Carlstedt
The center
Exercise 01: Kazhgaleyev-Carlsen
Exercise 02: Moor-Gligoric
Exercise 03: Paehtz-Balajayeva
Exercise 04: Volokitin-Ding
Exercise 05: Lagno-Ivanchuk
Exercise 06: Valsecchi-Mastrovasilis
Exercise 07: Acikel-Wierzbicki
Exercise 08: Pap-Greenfeld
Exercise 09: Podvin-Strugnell
Exercise 10: Schellman-Ovsejevitsch
Exercise 11: Sengupta-Sjugirov

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