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  •  Winning Chess Strategies, Vol.1 and 2 - Chess Strategy Software Download

Winning Chess Strategies, Vol.1 and 2 - Chess Strategy Software Download

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Winning Chess Strategies Vol.1 and 2 (Download)

by Romain Edouard

Winning Chess Strategies Vol.1 - The Art of Sacrifices and Initiative

Throughout this video course, we will study how to master sacrifices and the initiative in several aspects: opposite-colored Bishops, the Bishop pair, the Exchange sacrifice, launching an attack, and the good moment to sacrifice will be the topics covered in this first video course.

The goal will be to teach you how to take advantage of certain material imbalances and convert them into victories! Using real games, analyzed and explained; some of them being genuine masterpieces, this video course will be the ideal tool to learn how to conclude a game due to your initiative. Enjoy each part, and soak it up for your next victories!

• Video running time: 5 hours (English)
• Extra: Database with thematic games

Winning Chess Strategies Vol. 2 – The Initiative: Train Yourself!

To improve in the vast terrain of initiative, there’s nothing better than training with well-chosen exercises! This interactive video course will guide you to find the winning move when the initiative is on your side, by such means as: paralyzing your opponent, eliminating the opponent’s defender, punishing an unsafe King, finding the right moment to launch your attack, and concluding with a classic chapter where you should “find the killer move”!

These carefully chosen exercises will help you improve, and allow you to manage your initiative in the best way: “when, how, why?”

• Video running time: 4 hours (English)
• With interactive training including video feedback
• Extra: even more exercises!

System Requirements: Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X (only download)

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