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Good chess positions don't win games - good moves do. It is in the chess middlegame where the mastery of basic chess strategy will score points. A player must have a positive, realistic chess plan because the initiative goes to the side that can devise one. Here you will find chess middlegame books about tactics, chess strategy, creating a plan and more. 

  • My System

    My System

    My SystemThe Landmark Positional Chess Training Classic in an Easy-to-Study Algebraic Format Ask 100 chess masters if they have studied My System by Nimzowitsch and at least 99 will answer, "Yes!" Many will tell you they have reviewed this masterpiece...

  • Steeplechase


    SteeplechaseThis fifth installment of The Tactician's Handbook turns to pawn combinations. Extreme pawn combinations! The Steeplechase is a foot-race through obstacles, and here Charushin treats us to the spectacle of a lowly pawn surmounting barriers...

  • Middlegame Strategy

    Middlegame Strategy

    Middlegame Strategy Long ago Philidor taught that "pawns are the soul of chess." Today we know that understanding the pawn structure is vital when choosing a plan of action for the middlegame. Indeed, any correct middlegame plan depends on knowing how...

  • In the World of Tactics

    In the World of Tactics

    In the World of TacticsIn the World of Tactics is the only collection of each year's finest chess combinations. See today's top-rated Grandmasters (including the World Champion!) conjure their tactical wizardry at "crunch time," in the toughest elite...

  • Alekhine's Block

    Alekhine's Block

    Alekhine's BlockWorld chess champion Alexander Alekhine (1892-1946) refined the art of Kingside attack into its purest form. Often Alekhine's onslaught was accompanied by the spectacular placement of a piece directly in front of the enemy King's ...

  • Chess Praxis

    Chess Praxis

    Chess PraxisIn the early part of the twentieth century the most controversial topics in chess were the novel theories of Aron Nimzowitsch, the "stormy petrel" of the chess world. It seemed to many that Nimzowitsch was trying to demolish the classical...