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Chess Endings for Beginners - Instructional E-Book Download

Brand: ChessCentral E-Books
€ 9.49

Chess Endings for Beginners
by J.H. Blake

A ChessCentral E-book

This ingenious e-book contains the endgame knowledge that every chess player must have at his fingertips. Each of these 124 practical endings are the building blocks of winning chess, the foundation for any understanding of this vital phase of the game. If you're a true beginner at chess, this e-book is a great place to start; if you're an experienced competitor, don't worry - few experts will know these important positions like they should! Regardless of rank, before long every example in this e-book will seem like an old friend, and you will be able to demonstrate the correct line of play without hesitation. A little study, a little practice (and a lot of fun!) will soon be rewarded by points on on the scoreboard.

Chess Endings for Beginners is divided into two broad sections. First we find 68 King and pawn endings, which are the bedrock of all other endgames. Their importance is fundamental; they simply have to be known! The collection may seem brief in numbers, but if you'll master these basic principles of play, you have made great strides in chess skill. The pawn endgames are followed by 55 "various" endings, beginning with a few elementary mates and moving on to the essential endings for each piece. Naturally, those with Rook and pawn(s) form the bulk of these examples, followed by Bishop, Knight, and then Queen endgames. All according to their practical importance.

Chess Endings for Beginners was compiled one hundred years ago by J.H. Blake, and has already passed the test of time. That's because no abstract theories will be found here, no foggy notions of "coordinate squares" or "triangulation." These endings are real-world examples seen in tournament halls every day, so don't put off getting this e-book - and don't try to figure it out at crunch time, with your clock ticking down! Get strong. Download today!

System requirements:
You will need ChessBase 6.0 or higher, or Fritz (Komodo, Houdini, etc), or download the free ChessBase Reader here. Also: Pentium 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, Windows 10, 9, Vista, or Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

System Requirements::
Windows 8 & 7, Windows Vista, XP (Service Pack 3) to run ChessBase 6.0 +, Fritz 5+, Junior 7+, Shredder 7+, Hiaracs 7+, or the FREE software ChessBase Reader

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  1. Good

    Posted by franco on Sep 16th 2019

    I think this is a good book but the book dives quickly (not immediately) into intermediate positions. Having studied pawn endings in detail over the last few months a fuller understanding of certain positions can only come about after you have gained full grasp of all the easy positions - to compare Pandolfini's book on endgames works up more slowly and gives you a better understanding for when you get to more complex positions. Anyway good as you can download pgns onto your Fritz, Stockfish etc and play them out against the computer