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Chess Pieces
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Chess pieces, the chessmen alone, are often wanted and for many reasons. Perhaps a favorite chess board is already owned, or maybe a special board will be acquired later. In any case, ChessCentral supplies chess pieces of every kind - whether plastic pieces, tournament chess pieces, wooden pieces, themed or collectible chess pieces.

If you're unsure which chess pieces are right for you, then let us help! Simply send a note ( including the answers to some easy questions:

1) Price range
2) Material (Plastic, Wood, Brass, Marble, Alabaster, Ceramic)
3) Intended Use (Everyday play, Decorative, Family Heirloom, Collectible)
4) Theme or Style (Staunton, Antique, Historical, Kids, Theme)

Below we look at 3 main types of wood used in crafting the dark chess pieces. Boxwood for the light pieces is common, as its texture is very fine and uniform. Boxwood has a generally straight grain, with a very high luster. It can be easily turned on a lathe, and its carving characteristics are excellent.

Ebony: It would be difficult find a more splendid wood than Ebony for the black pieces in chess sets. The texture of the wood is fine and even making it a true pleasure to hold in your hand. The deep luster and total blackness of the wooden blocks make for exceptional, true black chess pieces, and therefore Ebony is the most traditional wood used in chess pieces of the finest quality.

Rosewood: Rosewood is an enchanting wood and probably the most popular for chess sets. It's a crossed, narrowly interlocked grain with the combinations of darker streaks gives the wood a very striking appearance. Rosewood is fairly difficult to carve and work by hand, which says a great deal for the skill of chess piece craftsmen. The color range of this wood goes from a rose to dark brown color with even darker lines.

Golden Rosewood: Also known as Sheesham, has a beautiful irregular grain structure which is very distinctive in appearance; it can be polished to a fine finish. The timber itself is strong and durable, maintaining its shape well during handling. Given this strength and density, Golden Rosewood is also an ideal material for decorative carvings and can be easily seasoned for future stability.