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  • Master Class Vol. 16: Judit Polgar - Chess Biography Software Download

Master Class Vol. 16: Judit Polgar - Chess Biography Software Download

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Master Class Vol. 16 - Judit Polgar (Download)

The youngest of the three Polgar sisters, Judit Polgar was a chess prodigy. Her father Laszlo Polgar was an educator who believed that any child could be taught to excel in any field through proper instruction. He proved his thesis by priming his three daughters to become top chess players. Judit Polgar learned from her father and sisters and was awarded the grandmaster title at the age of 15 years and four months, replacing Bobby Fischer as the youngest grandmaster in chess history.

Judit Polgar became the best female player in the history of chess and was the first woman to achieve a rating above 2700. Polgar played in many top tournaments and was a dangerous opponent for the top male players. She even beat Garry Kasparov once. At the zenith of her ability, Judit Polgar belonged to the top ten in the world and played for the absolute world championship. After the Chess Olympiad in Tromso (2014) she retired from tournament chess. Judit Polgar cultivated an aggressive tactical attacking style and won many of her games through brilliant combinations. Today she promotes chess as a chess ambassador and organizes an annual chess festival in Budapest. In this video course, experts including Dorian Rogozenco, Mihail Marin, Karsten Müller and Oliver Reeh, examine the games of Judit Polgar. Let them show you which openings Polgar chose to play, where her strength in middlegames were, or how she outplayed her opponents in the endgame. Finally, you’ll get a glimpse of her phenomenal tactical abilities in the Tactics section.

• Video running time: 9 hours(English)
• Interactive tactics test with video feedback
• “Polgar Powerbooks”: Polgar’s opening repertoire as a variation tree
• Tactical training with 22 games

System: Windows 10 or higher, Mac OS X (only

Introduction: Judit Polgar

Short biography
Sicilian (White)
Sicilian (Black)
King's Indian Defense
Rogers-Polgar, 1991
Polgar-Istratescu, 2002
Xie-Polgar, 1988
Shirov-Polgar, Buenos Aires 1994
Polgar-Huebner, 1991
Shirov-Polgar, Madrid 1994
Polgar-Van der Sterren, 1998
Karpov-Polgar, 2000
Polgar-Short, 1994
Tactics 1-10
Tisdall-Polgar 1988
Polgar-Arkell 1988
Polgar-Chilingirova 1988
Chernin-Polgar 1990
Polgar-Knaak 1990
Polgar-Gdanski 1993
Ruban-Polgar 1993
Polgar-Shirov 1994
Polgar-Topalov 1994
Polgar-Ivanchuk 1995
Tactics 11-20
Polgar-Shirov 1995
Illescas-Polgar 1997
Polgar-Anand 1998
Polgar-Fressinet 2000
Motylev-Polgar 2002
Polgar-Mamedyarov 2002
Polgar-Timman 2003
Kortschnoj-Polgar 2003
Polgar-Berkes 2003
Polgar-Fernandez 2003
Tactics 21-24
Polgar-Karpov 2003
Polgar-Bareev 2007
Polgar-Yilmaz 2014
Guerrero-Polgar 2014
Endgames 1-12
Tricky Knight
Outfoxing Karpov
Stalemate Trick
Stalemate Joke
Knight endings are like pawn endings 1
Knight endings are like pawn endings 2
Mating Attacks
Mate out of the Blue
Mate or stalemate?
Opposite colored bishops have two faces.
Fortress or House of Cards?
Drawing resource 1
Drawing resource 2
With rooks, opposite colored bishops favor the attacker 1
With rooks, opposite colored bishops favor the attacker 2
Endgames 13-19
Rook vs Bishop
Deep rook's-pawn problems
A storm of pawns 1
A storm of pawns 2
Technical Endgames
Knight endgames are like pawn endgames
The breakthrough
It is all about coordination
Duel of nerves
All Games
Training Questions
Polgar book with White
Polgar book with Black

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