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  • My Life for Chess - Chess Biography Software Download
by Viktor Korchnoi

My Life for Chess - Chess Biography Software Download

Brand: ChessBase Downloads

My Life for Chess (Download)
by Viktor Korchnoi

Viktor Korchnoi (1931 - 2016) was undoubtedly one of the most fascinating personalities in the chess world. The two-time World Championship finalist played successful and attractive chess, even into old age. In 2004 he visited ChessBase and recorded his video biography My Life for Chess. With these recordings Korchnoi created a living memorial to himself and his great chess career. This historical document is now available again, remastered by ChessBase, playable on many platforms (Windows, Mac, stream), and supplemented with a game database.

Korchnoi presents many of his most brilliant efforts from the years 1949-2005, among them games against Smyslov, Geller, Tal, Huebner, Karpov, Kasparov, Spassky, and Short. In each case Korchnoi describes in detail the story of the game, never beating around the bush, sometimes criticizing his opponents harshly, but also lavishing praise on them when due. Embedded in the game commentaries are many details of Korchnoi's biography; for instance, before commenting on his game against Spassky, the veteran speaks extensively about his personal relationship with the ex-world champion. Throughout these lectures, you can feel Korchnoi's enduring love for chess. Whenever the great master gets to the heart of an opening (King's Indian, English and French) or shows an astonishing move, one can see the joy sparkling in his eyes. Little wonder – no other chess genius has lived chess as intensively as "Viktor the Terrible." A must-have for every chess fan!

• Video running time: 7 hours 36 minutes(English)
• Database with more than 5,000 games by Viktor Korchnoi

Languages: English
Level: Any
System: Windows 10 or higher, Mac OS X (only download)
Streaming: for iPad & tablet
Delivery: Download
Published: Dec. 2022


Part 1: 1949 - 1979
Golenichev - Korchnoi 1949
Smyslov - Korchnoi 1952
Korchnoi - Geller 1954
Korchnoi - Tal 1962
Korchnoi - Udovcic 1967
Navara - Korchnoi 2004
Korchnoi - Huebner 1973
Korchnoi - Karpov 1978
Filguth - Korchnoi 1979
Part 2: 1986 - 2004
Kasparov - Korchnoi 1986
Korchnoi - Spassky 1989
Korchnoi - Piket 1992
Korchnoi - Gallagher 1998
Van der Wiel - Korchnoi 1991
Korchnoi - Short 1990
Korchnoi - Onischuk 1997
Felgaer - Korchnoi 2002
Korchnoi - Moskalenko 2004
All Games


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